AP-16  Intake Adapter Kit

351W Block, 351 Cleveland 2V Heads, 351W Intake

Backside of plate


with 2 sets gaskets $329.31(1) set blanks (1) set Windsors

     When putting Cleveland 2V heads on a Windsor block, this is one of my favorites.  Sooooo many 351W intakes to choose from. This is a perfect choice when starting a street/strip machine. The power of the cast iron heads and the versatility of the Windsor intake- - - - The possibilities seem endless ! ! !
     The adapter plates provide a water passage so you may take advantage of the water flowing through the intake manifold.  The adapters are only 3/8 thick so a Distributor kit is not normally required.
     The Windsor rectangle port and the Cleveland 2V port are the same height and width, but they have different corners. The adapters are made rectangle to match the intake.  Very little of the Cleveland port shows when the plate is laid on it for installation. This material can easily be removed or left alone, depending on your degree of performance needed for your application.